Activities at Malindi Station Safari Lodge


Malindi is a private concession within the Hwange National Park thus allowing us to offer activities not otherwise permitted. Hwange is a vast playground worth exploring with many activities on offer so you don’t have to worry about being bored. Early morning walks as well as night time safaris are there for the thrill of encountering wildlife on its own terms and exploring the little surprises of the bush. There are a variety of cats in the National Park and you are more likely to come across them in the dark, going about their business.

The rest of the day can be spent on game drives, photographic safaris or bird watching in search of the gems of the bush. If you do not feel like venturing out you can stay at the lodge and enjoy the plunge pool as you watch the animals come and go in front of you.

Game drives - In order to explore the full range of wildlife habitats in Hwange our vehicles are there to take you on a game drive. In the expert hands of our guides, you’ll find yourself heading out through the acacia-fringed grassy vleis and through the teak forests in search of Hwange’s great elephant and buffalo herds or parking up at one of the well-visited waterholes to see what comes in. Game drives are the best way to see the variety of wildlife and scenery of the park and they almost always yield unexpected sightings. Often, sitting quietly and watching an impala ram guard his harem against marauding bachelors can be just as fascinating as coming across a pride of lion lazing under the broad canopy of acacia.

Hwange is home to one of the largest populations of African wild dog left in Africa and its a good place to see leopard and rhino among the many other mammal species. Africa has some of the most curious and interesting creatures which receive comparatively little exposure. bat-eared foxes, genets, caracal and a host of other "particulars" are often the highlight of a game drive.

Birdwatching - The park has a notable bird population with over 400 species recorded to date; the diversity is truly astonishing. The variety of habitats and eco-systems within the National Park will keep you enthralled.

Walking Safaris - There is nothing quite like being on foot to put you in your rightful place in the natural world. Somehow when on foot and you see, hear and smell things that you would miss in a vehicle. The whole experience becomes more personal as you appreciate the intricacies of the bush - the way termites build their colonies, how dung beetles work, the finer points of the toothbrush tree.

Encountering big game on foot is the ultimate thrill, safe in the knowledge that there is a trained, armed guide on hand to look out for you. Walking gives you a completely different experience of wildlife and the bush and its just nice sometimes to get out there and stretch your legs in a place that is so uncontrived, beautiful, wild and vast.


Walking safaris are great for photography amateurs as you can get up close and personal with the various animals. The close proximity gives you a healthy respect for the wildlife and their environment.

Bush Dinners - Dining under the stars surrounded by the fascinating and bustling wilderness is quite a unique experience. Listening to the night time sounds whilst enjoying a fabulous meal is a great treat.


Cultural tours to neighbouring villages offer a look into life in the bush, how the locals live and their impact on the environment and vice versa.